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– Honolulu, Hawaii news, sports & weather – KITV Channel 4 Member Center: SITE SEARCH WEB SEARCH BY Could you pass China’s grueling, 5-hour civil service exam? Posted: By Chieu Luu and Serenitie Wang CNN BEIJING (CNN) — Imagine taking a five-hour exam just to get a job interview. That’s what nearly 1.5 million people did in China Sunday, taking the country’s grueling civil service entrance exam, or Guokao. Test-takers had two hours to answer 135 multiple-choice questions on topics covering language, mathematics, logic, politics, law and culture. That was followed by 3 hours of essay questions. The exam is only held once a year, so for those taking part, it’s do or die. They are competing for 27,000 jobs. The odds of getting one — after the exam and a subsequent interview — are about 55 to 1. Preparations Wang Caizhen, 23, is one of those people. A graduate of Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University, she took the exam in hopes of an entry-level job with China’s Ministry of Commerce.

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FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM: David Heyman interview She just locks herself away, shell go to a cafe or something and just write. It just pours out, which is amazing. Part of the appeal of the Harry Potter movies is its about watching this little kid grow up and I know a lot of the fanbase is really young. Is that something you were concerned about at all about when you decided to launch a spinoff with adult characters and an adult cast? No way, you dont think of it that way. You just tell a story that feels organic. So making the films, and writing the films I imagine, its about being true to what you create. If we thought about the audience, if we made the film with the audience as our main directive, we would be paralyzed. We couldnt do a thing.my explanation

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